SEO Review: December 31, 2012


As you all may or may not have noticed, I skipped the SEO Review last week.  Monday was Christmas Eve, so my household was busy with the things a household with a three-year-old and family spread out across the state is busy with on Christmas.  In fact, on Christmas Eve we traveled from northern Durham to Beulaville then back to Wilmington that night so Santa could deliver presents to our girl at our home.

All that is to say that last week was a bit shot because I was enjoying time with the family.  I doubt many of you missed it that much anyway, right?  Still, I’ve got to say that I’m proud of myself for only missing one weekly SEO Review since I started doing them.

That said, since I did miss a week in reporting but did not miss any time in collecting search engine ranking data, the numbers will be compared to the last reported week’s data.  That is, I’ll be comparing the numbers to those of two weeks ago.

Joe’s SEO Campaign

We had a big jump in #1 rankings, going from 31 to 37, which is a very nice change over the course of two weeks.  At the same time, top 10 rankings dropped one to 66.  There was quite a bit of Google dancing up and down the report, but a lot of the larger changes were double-digit increases.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

This campaign is continuing to improve nicely.  Two week ago Eric improved from two to three #1 rankings, but this week we’ve got five with 22 in the top 10, up three from the last report.  The vast majority of search terms improved in ranking, so this campaign is trending nicely.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Mixed bag for Nilesh as usual.  The primary domain had a number of drops, leaving only two search terms ranked in the top 10.  The secondary domain, however, continues to do just fine with one #1 ranking and all other terms ranked in the top 10.  Keep in mind that the two sites are competing against each other and are basically showing duplicate content, so the fact that one does well while the other struggles is not a bad thing at all.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

While Larry still has two #1 rankings with a total of three in the top 10, he gained ground in the majority of his keywords and I would expect a couple more to enter the top 10 within a month or so.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

Danielle dropped from six top 10 rankings to five, but all the keywords right outside of the top 10 posted gains.  In fact, most of the keywords that showed movement were positive, several by double digits, while the ones that lost ground were fewer and smaller.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

Ben improved in both #1 rankings and top 10 rankings with ten and 52, respectively.  There was a good bit of movement both up and down, but most of it was pretty small.

Kevin’s SEO Campaign

This one took a step back this week, going from three top 10 rankings to two.  While the keywords that went up went up by more, there were more than moved down.  Kevin did discuss redirecting a domain and existing website, so if he went through with that then it might have affected the site to what we’re seeing, in which case I’d expect it to bounce back up after an adjustment period.

Bill’s SEO Campaign

We’re holding steady with three #1 rankings here, but the top 10’s jumped from 11 to 17, which is a very nice improvement.  While a few search terms dropped a spot, and one as much as four, the overall results were definitely positive.

Dave’s SEO Campaign

While the number of keywords ranked in the top 10 held steady this week at 29, the #1 rankings jumped from five to nine, which is a very nice improvement.  There were a few that dropped, including one that dropped out of the top 10, but obviously the overall movement was positive.

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