SEO Review: December 3, 2012



Joe’s SEO Campaign

#1 rankings went back up this week from 34 to 35 and top 10’s jumped from 68 to 70.  Movement at the top was almost all positive, but outside the top 11 or so there were more drops.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Eric maintained his two #1 rankings and gained three new #2 rankings, so that’s a positive trend.  Top 10’s fell by one this week though, from 16 to 15.  Overall movement was mixed, but there are a few keywords knocking on the door of the top 10 rankings.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Nilesh’s primary domain showed overall improvement this week with only three terms dropping at all, two staying where they were and the rest moving up.  That still only leaves this domain with four top 10 rankings, but that’s up one from last week and the trajectory looks good.

The secondary domain had almost no movement at all this week, which really isn’t too bad considering how well it’s doing.  There’s one #1 and all the rest are in the top 10.  The one keyword that moved went up one to #7.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

Larry’s still got two #1 rankings and three top 10’s, all of which stayed where they were.  Two keywords outside of the top 10 moved down one spot, but all the rest moved up one or two.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

As seems to be the case lately, Danielle’s got a mix of ups and downs, but mainly ups.  She’s still got eight top 10 rankings, but several search terms moved up to land between #11 and #13.  Most of the drops were pretty small, all going between one and four spots.  The biggest jump this week was 29 spots.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

At a glance I thought Ben’s campaign took a small hit this week, because while there was a mix of positive and negative movement, it looks like more went down than went up.  However, Ben’s maintaining 10 #1 rankings and improved to 52 top 10’s.  The page two results (rankings 11-20) were actually pretty notable.  Only two of them went down (one spot each) while all the rest moved up, some as much as 30 and 50 spots.

Kevin’s SEO Campaign

Last week Kevin had zero downward movement, but this week a good number went down two or three spots.  Kevin’s still for three top 10 rankings and a few did go up one or two.  This one’s in a tough niche and it’s taking its time.  It’s been steadily trending upward the past few weeks, so one setback isn’t too big a deal.

Bill’s SEO Campaign

Bill’s still got his four #1 rankings, but the top 10 improved to 13.  We added another page to try to get some action going on a number of location-based keywords, but I think we’re going to have to create new pages for each one to really get it noticed.  That’s fine, and that’s what we do with a lot of other campaigns, but I thought it would be good to see if we could get it going with just the one page first.

Dave’s SEO Campaign

Dave had eight terms drop one spot this week, but the vast majority of his keywords moved up this week, some by as many as 34 and 41 places.  All of his search terms are ranked in the top 100, with the lowest coming in at #62.  The next lowest to that one, however, is #39.  All that said, Dave’s got five #1 rankings and 27 top 10’s.  If we see the same kind of improvement next week, we should have 30 or more top 10 rankings.

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