SEO Review: December 17, 2012


Just so everyone knows, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be doing the SEO Review next week, which is Christmas Eve. I should get to it sometime within the week though. So if you don’t hear from me before, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Joe’s SEO Campaign

We saw a little bit of a drop this week, down to 31 #1 rankings and 67 top 10’s.  The results appear to have done some Google dancing, as we had things as varied as jumping 56 spots to dropping 80.  While there was a bit of that going on, most of the movement was in the normal range of plus or minus single digits.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

While the last campaign saw some drops, this one did exceptionally well this week.  Eric has gained a #1 ranking to finish this week with three of them and has gain five new top 10 rankings for a total of 19.  Only five keywords moved down.  Five, all ranked between #3 and #5, stayed where they were.  All the rest moved up.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Nilesh’s primary domain dropped one top 10 spot to finish with three, yet there was some good.  Movement was split evenly between terms going up and terms going down, however the ones moving up did so by higher margins.

The secondary domain, as usual, fared much better.  Only two keywords dropped at all and two stayed the same (one of those was already ranked at #1), but the rest all moved up.  All of Nilesh’s search terms under the secondary domain remained in the top 10.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

Larry’s still got two #1 rankings with a total of three in the top 10 (the other one moving up to #4).  Overall movement was slightly down this week, but none of the terms that dropped were too far off from their average ranking.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

Danielle had a mixed bag this week, dropping two top 10’s to land at six for the week.  Like Joe’s her site did a good bit of Google dancing with results ranging from +26 to -29.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

We had a small drop in rankings here this week, going from ten to nine #1 rankings and from 53 to 50 in the top 10.  At a glance I’d say it looks like most of the movement this week was downward, but on the positive side, the biggest mover was +47.

Kevin’s SEO Campaign

Mixed movement for Kevin this week, though he’s maintaining three top 10 rankings.  In total, five moved up and five moved down

Kevin’s still got three top 10 rankings with a few knocking at the door.  Overall movement was mixed, but the aggregate movement was positive.

Bill’s SEO Campaign

We’re looking at three #1 rankings and 11 top 10’s this week for Bill, a slight drop from last week.  That said, I’ve been paying close attention to some of the results in this campaign and can verify once again (without going through every single keyword manually) that the numbers are in actuality a little higher than reported.

Dave’s SEO Campaign

I had to do a double-take at Dave’s results this week.  It wasn’t that they improved or fell by an unexpected amount; on the contrary it was that the overall numbers were the exact same, which usually means the rank tracker failed to run for some reason.  Looking at the date of the latest results though, that’s not the case, so Dave is sitting at five #1 rankings with 29 in the top 10.

It’s not that there was no movement either.  Almost every keyword moved a little, whether up or down.  (There were, for the record, more ups than downs.)

The #1 rankings in this campaign stayed steady at five this week, but the top 10’s increased from 29 to 29, and all the keywords are ranked within the top 100 in their respective results.  I’m still impressed that we’ve done this well for such a new campaign.  Overall a lot of search terms stayed where they were, but the ones that did move were pretty evenly split with the largest mover being a +13.

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