SEO Review: December 10, 2012


Joe’s SEO Campaign

There was, overall, a lot of +1 and -1 movement this week, but the #1 rankings stayed the same at 35 while the top 10 rankings dropped one to 69.  Despite that fact, the overall movement throughout the rankings was positive.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Eric maintained his two #1 rankings this week, but the top 10’s fell by one this week to 14.  Movement was pretty evenly split between ups and downs, but the biggest mover was a +27.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Both of Nilesh’s domains were pretty split this week, with about the same number of keywords moving up as went down.  The primary domain is holding steady with four top 10 rankings, but the first few outside of the top 10 had positive numbers this week, so it’s showing a positive trend.  The secondary domain maintained its overall numbers as well, with one #1 and the rest all within the top 10.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

All the keywords that were ranked in the top 10 last week stayed exactly where they were, giving this campaign two #1’s and three total in the top 10, just like last week.  However, ever keyword outside of the top 10 moved up this week, with the biggest mover jumping 15 spots.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

While Danielle’s campaign is still sitting at eight #1 rankings, every search phrase outside of the top 10 moved up with the exception of six of then.  Of those six, four stayed where they were and two of those are ranked at #11.  The other two moved down one and two spots.  Great progress on this one this week.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

Ben’s #1 rankings stayed put at 10, but the top 10 improved by one to 53.  There was a good bit of movement, and while most of it was small, there biggest movers were -16, +26 and -49.  While that might sound bad, all three of the big movers are habitual Google dancers without a whole lot of ranking consistency.

Kevin’s SEO Campaign

Kevin’s still got three top 10 rankings with a few knocking at the door.  Overall movement was mixed, but the aggregate movement was positive.

Bill’s SEO Campaign

I’m going to start off with a disclaimer that for some reason the rank tracker I use doesn’t fully account for results listed in Google Places.  My new theory is that it’s because it’s not always using a local IP address, so while the results will show up locally, which is important in this campaign, they aren’t showing up in national searches, which makes sense.  That should also apply to other accounts.  Hmm.  Maybe I need to see if I can purchase local IPs for some of these campaigns.  But I digress.

Unreported local results aside, Bill’s looking at the same numbers as last week: four #1 rankings with 13 in the top 10.  The ups and downs were pretty evenly split, with a little over half of the keywords moving up.

Dave’s SEO Campaign

The #1 rankings in this campaign stayed steady at five this week, but the top 10’s increased from 29 to 29, and all the keywords are ranked within the top 100 in their respective results.  I’m still impressed that we’ve done this well for such a new campaign.  Overall a lot of search terms stayed where they were, but the ones that did move were pretty evenly split with the largest mover being a +13.

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