SEO Review: August 27, 2012


Joe’s SEO Campaign

As you might recall, we added quite a few new search engine terms to Joe’s SEO campaign last week based on having moved his office to a new location.  While they’re not all going to be highly searched, they are all worth tracking.  We’re currently looking at 41 #1 rankings (down one from last week as one term dropped from #1 to #2) and 71 in the top 10, which is up one.  Other new search terms are ranking anywhere from #11 to #32.

Outside of the new terms there wasn’t much of a major shakeup this week, with most terms going up or down a spot or two.  One of our more important search terms did go up nine spots to #14.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Still hanging steady at two and 14 (#1’s, top 10’s).  Quite a few search terms moved up or two one or two spots.  Inside the top 10 the movement was mostly negative (with the largest drop being two spots), but most of the movement outside that range was positive, with the largest jump being 20 and 25.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Nilesh’s primary site continues to drop back down for the most part, with three terms moving up (one spot each) and four moving down, including one that was ranked #1 previously.  The secondary site  is pretty stable with one term moving up one and three moving down one.  Overall we’re looking at one #1 ranking and 16 in the top 10, which really isn’t too bad.  It’s just not as good as it was with the newer design.

Bryce’s SEO Campaign

Bryce’s site continues to be one of our best performers, still sitting at eight #1 rankings, including some extremely highly-trafficked terms, and 16 in the top 10.  A few did go down this week one or two spots, but nothing major.

This is the last week we’ll be tracking Bryce’s campaign for now though.  The site is ranking very well and pulling in an average of 200 hits a day, but it’s not converting, so I’m trying to help Bryce come up with some ways to up the efficiency of the site.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

Larry’s still sitting at one #1 and three top 10’s, but there’s a noticeable upward trend.  One term dropped a spot and another dropped three, but two others went up and three more entered the top 100 in the 50’s and 60’s, all at or near their highest ranking to date.  Hopefully that upwards trend will continue.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

Danielle’s campaign improved back to seven top 10 rankings.  All but three of the search terms we track for her that are ranked in the top 100 moved this week, and it ranged from -4 to +21 with the majority of the movement going in a positive direction.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

Ben’s campaign seems to still be in recovery mode with terms moving anywhere from -11 to +21.  We’ve got one #1 and five top 10’s (with all the rest being ranked at #2).  A lot of the terms outside of the top 10 seems to be taking part in the Google dance on a daily basis.  Here are the rankings over the past several days for the -11 term, for example, starting with today and going backwards: 40, 29, 43, 29, 42, 41, 41, 29, 44.

We have begun our article writing program for the site now.  We’ll be adding articles each week in order to try to convince Google that the site really is about the terms for which we’re optimizing, which used to all rank very well.

Kevin’s SEO Campaign

Kevin’s site is off to a moderate start, certainly better than I thought it would be since we’re still waiting on Kevin to add in all the appropriate content.  While we don’t have anything in the top 10, we do have five search terms that entered the top 100 with the highest coming in at #24.

Bill’s SEO Campaign

We’ll be starting a new SEO campaign for Bill next month.  Bill wasn’t entirely sure what keywords to use in his campaign, so he sent me a shotgun list that I’ll be working on sometime in the next few days so we can at least get an initial reading on where he stands.  Now, I know that he does rank well for at least a few of his more important search terms, but he offers a lot of services and wants to make sure people can find him for all of those.  We’ll be implementing our usual SEO tactics along with weekly article writing and social networking.  I’m really looking forward to getting this one going.

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