SEO Review: August 20, 2012


Joe’s SEO Campaign

Joe moved to a new office not too long ago, and so he requested that we add a few new locations to his search engine terms.  They’ve already begun showing up, with quite a few already ranking at #1.  With that in mind, let’s compare last weekk’s numbers to the current ones.

Last week we had 12 #1 rankings and 28 in the top 10.  This week we’ve got 42 and 70.  Wow.  It should be noted that none of the terms fell out of the top 10 from last week.  One dropped from #1 to #2, but another one went up five spots to #1.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

The numbers are hanging steady at two #1’s and 14 top 10’s.  A lot of search phrases went up and down this week, but there were no major changes in the top 30.  I’d say that it was a week of overall positive movement though.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Nilesh’s primary site continues to go down while his secondary site goes up, seemingly a product of changing back to his old design a few weeks ago.  The primary site now has no #1 rankings and seven in the top 10, the sole remaining #1 ranking having dropped to #2.  On a positive note, one of the major search terms that had previously been on page 1 is on the verge of reentering, sitting at #11 this week.

The secondary domain has one #1 and nine top 10’s.  There was a little movement on about half of the terms, but nothing too major.

Bryce’s SEO Campaign

Sitting pretty at eight #1’s (including two very highly coveted search terms) rankings with 16 in the top 10.  Only four search terms moved, and they were all down one or two spots, but when they’re all ranked so highly that’s usually the only movement you’ll end up seeing.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

One #1 and three top 10’s still, though one search term did move up to #11 and two others re-entered the top 100.  Again, some on-site changes that I don’t have access to making probably need to be enacted.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

The main numbers we look at, #1 rankings and top 10 rankings, are both down for Danielle this week, but the overall trend for the campaign is a positive one.  This week our sole #1 dropped to #2 and a couple of our #10’s dropped to #11 and #14, leaving us with only five in the top 10.  That said, a lot of the lower ranking keywords made very good progress, jumping up anywhere from 15 to 31 spots.  There were a few other terms that dropped a little, but the number and size of the ones that moved up leaves me feeling good about it.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

Ben’s campaign seems to have leveled out some and begun the climb back up the charts, if only doing so slowly.  We’ve got one #1 and five top 10 rankings, which may be the worst the site has ranked since early on.

The bright side, like I said, is that it seems several of the search terms have bottomed out and begun to climb back up.  My thinking is that Google is dancing with the site a little bit right now, and that most of the terms should bounce back nicely within a month or so.

Kevin’s SEO Campaign

We’ve got a new one this week.  Kevin has a successful business whose site is already ranking well (which I worked on for my former company), but he wants to use a new domain and a new website, so, not wanting to hurt what he’s already got, Kevin has decided to start another one from scratch.

At this point not a single search term is showing up in the top 100.  That’s not as discouraging as it might sound though.  I only recently finished setting up all the pages with optimized meta tags and Kevin has yet to add relevant content to any of them.  On top of that, since there is not content yet there are no links into the depths of the site into which these pages have been set up.

Once Kevin adds content and I add links to the pages, search engines will have a chance to crawl the pages and begin indexing them.  We should start seeing results as soon as those criteria are met.

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