SEO Review: August 13, 2012


Sorry for the lateness of the report today.  Just a quick note before we start.  We’ve got a few different levels of search engine optimization.  Most of our clients are on the lower level, which includes weekly rank checking, whereas the higher ones hav daily rank checking.  Prior to this past week I checked all rankings for all keywords for all clients.  I just like being kept in the know throughout the week.  It got to be too much though.  With the number of clients and keywords we’ve got now, it takes a long time to check them all.  And so, as of this past week, we’ve finally implemented daily or weekly checks based on the level of search engine optimization service to which each client is subscribed.

It really doesn’t make a big difference in these reports, since they’re weekly anyway, but I thought I’d make note of it nonetheless.

Joe’s SEO Campaign

Just like with last week, Joe’s campaign is moving in a positive direction.  This, not coincidentally, comes on the heels of a social networking campaign and article writing.

This week Joe’s got 12 #1 rankings, up two from last week, and 28 top 10’s, up three from last week (and up two from the week before).

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Pretty steady as far as the top numbers go, with two number one rankings and 14 in the top 10 (up one from last week).  It was a good week overall though, as only six terms dropped (one spot for all but one of them, which dropped two) and quite a few went up.  Most of the upward progress was small, one or two spots, but a few went up by seven and one went up 15.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Nilesh’s primary site has one #1 and seven in the top 10, while the secondary site has one #1 and nine top 10’s.  Again, since the switch back to the old design the secondary site is doing better than the primary site.  In fact, the one search term ranked outside of the top 10 went up 13 spots to land on page two.  Outside of that, three went down one and one went up one.

The primary site was a lot more of a mix.  All but two search phrases moved and they varied from -4 to +9.  It’s worth noting that the one search term ranked #1 for this domain had a previous best ranking of #3, which is where it’s sat with very little movement since June.

Bryce’s SEO Campaign

Bryce continues to do well with the same numbers as last week: eight #1’s and 16 top 10’s.  There was very little movement within the rankings, though it was all positive: two, three and seven spots.  The one that went up seven settled at #11, so hopefully it’ll be in the top 10 next week.

Larry’s SEO Campaign

One #1 and three top 10’s, as it has been for a while.  movement ranged from -2 to +3.  It should be noted that we’re only responsible for some of Larry’s off-site SEO.  Improvements would be made if some on-site suggestions I sent were enacted.

Danielle’s SEO Campaign

Danielle’s site wins another Most Improved of the Week Award.  Even though we’ve only got one #1 and seven top 10’s just like last week, five went down, four didn’t move and the rest all went up.  Top movers include a +17 and a +20.

Ben’s SEO Campaign

If Danielle’s campaign won Most Improved, Ben’s wins Most Yikes.  Ben’s is one of the campaign with daily rank tracking and something happened between yesterday and today that really angered Google, or so it seems.  You may remember that Ben’s campaign started out at nowhere and really rocketed up for a while.  Well, that’s been reversed for most of the search terms now.  Lsat week we had ten #1 rankings and 51 in the top 10.  This week we’ve got one #1 and eight in the top 10.

Yes, that’s correct.  Google absolutely hammered this site.  Terms went from ranking #1 or #2 to being out of the top 100.  I left a message for Ben and sent him an email asking if he knew of any changes that were made to the site recently, because that kind of drop is the type of thing that usually happens when Google updates their algorithm and shakes things up.  Which, I might add, they did a couple months ago with no effect on our clients.  No other clients have been hammered like this either, even though we’re using the exact same search engine optimization techniques on several other sites.

This is one I’ll definitely keep a close eye on.  It could be that Google decided to dance with Ben’s site a little bit and it’ll return to being as well-ranked (or, who knows, even better) within a week or two.  It’ll definitely bear further investigation.

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