SEO Review: April 23, 2012


Joe’s SEO Campaign

We’re down to just nine #1’s this week as one of them dropped two spots to #3 and we still have 25 in the top 10.  The worst drop this week was a search phrase that went from #14 to #24, but it’s a very niche, longtail keyword.  On the positive side, another search phrase re-entered the top 100 at #39.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

We’ve improved to three #1 rankings (one phrase going from #3 to #1 during the week) and are holding steady at fifteen top 10 rankings.  Several phrases went up or down a spot, but all in all there was little movement this week.

Josh’s SEO Campaign

One of Josh’s three #1’s dropped a spot to #2 a few days ago, but one of the primary key phrases jumped 25 spots to #3, giving us four in the top 10 with the lowest of those ranked at #3.  Two of these phrases (a #1 and the #3) are primary search phrases, and both appear in the Google Places listing as well.

There was a good bit of droppage outside of those search terms, most of them from three to nine spots, although one term did go up nine as well.  Most of these are less important terms though, and as neglected as the content of the site is, I’m glad to see that the important ones have been making progress.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

Both of Nilesh’s sites are doing great this week.  Every search phrase in the keyworded domain is in the top 10 save one.  The one that is not moved down one spot this week to #14, but it’s a term that I don’t think is even written on the website itself.  Every other phrase stayed the same except for one that moved up a spot to #3.

The other domain has eight top 10 rankings (two moved up a spot, one moved down) with one #1.  The two outside of the top 10 are ranked #11 and #12 with the latter having moved up a spot this week.

Bryce’s SEO Campaign

Bryce still has five search phrases at #1 but has improved to three #2’s, which is the entirety of her top 10.  Outside of that is one at #13 and one at #28, both up one from a week ago.

Chad’s SEO Campaign

Being a campaign with high competition and the site only recently having been optimized, a lot of volatility was expected with this one., which has certainly been the case and likely will be as the site’s authority continues to grow.

Last week there were five search phrases in the top 100, whereas there are only four this week.  Two dropped out, but one debuted.  While the initial feeling might be disappointment that two dropped out, it’s a good sign in that it shows that there is indeed some movement and that Google has taken note of the site.  A long, drawn out Google dance is expected for most of the terms in this campaign.

The best new for the site this week, however, is that one of the search phrases went up four spots to #14.  This is after we had to change the meta tags a bit and lost some initial gains.  It’s now just one spot shy of its best ranking to date, which is not far from the first page.

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