SEO Review: April 16, 2012


Joe’s SEO Campaign

10 #1 rankings, 25 in the top 10, just like last week.  Most of the search phrases in the top 10 were pretty stable this week, with some of the lower ranking ones moving up or down just a few spots.  The biggest jump of the week was with one of our primary terms, which went up 28 spots from last week to #13.  I wrote to Joe to remind him that we need to move to the next level of SEO service and/or more articles posted to the site.

Eric’s SEO Campaign

Like last week we’ve got two search phrases at #1 and 15 in the top 10.  There was a lot of one-spot movement (up and down) in the top 10, but outside of it a number of terms went up, putting 24 phrases on the first three pages of the Google search results.  Both of the primary phrases are on page 2 (#15 and #20).  I think this is another campaign that we need to take to the next level.

Josh’s SEO Campaign

Josh has three #1 rankings, consistent with last week.  Most of the other phrases that are already ranked moved up anywhere from one to six spots from last week, though a few dropped a little.  Outside of those top phrases, Josh’s campaign shows more Google dance than any other.  I let him know this past week that he really needs to make some content updates to the site.

Nilesh’s SEO Campaign

17 top 10’s this week, with all of the main search phrases ranking there for the keyword optimized domain name, which continues to perform better than the main site domain.  There was one term that went down one spot and one that went up one for the optimized domain.  The one search phrase ranked outside of the top 10 for that domain jumped 25 spots from last week’s ranking to #13 four days ago and has remained there since.

The main site is doing well too though, with only two terms outside of the top 10, also ranked at #13.  Several phrase went up or down one or two spots for this domain.

Bryce’s SEO Campaign

Bryce continues to do well with eight top 10 phrases.  There is one at #3, two at #2 and now five at #1 after one of the #3 terms jumped two spots this week.

One phrase is up a spot at #14 while another slid six to #29.  The term that dropped danced a bit during the week despite having shown pretty steady growth over the last few weeks.

Chad’s SEO Campaign

If you recall, last week we made major advances with a few of Chad’s search phrases just by optimizing the meta tags on his site.  Upon review, Chad wasn’t a huge fan of the phrasing that showed up in the site description, so we changed that around a little and it dropped five spots as a result.  That’s okay though- it’s still well above where it was just a couple weeks ago, which was completely unranked.

Four other phrases are ranking right now.  Of those, one is showing steady improvement, one dropped 30 spots but is showing slight but daily improvement and the other two are dancing all around.

This week we’ll start some of the off-site optimization.

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