Initial Discussion


  • Letting them spin the role and interview you. They’ll be able to hear that stuff later on, today is about me understanding you so.
  • Don’t let them off with vague answers.
  • Don’t talk about price. You don’t have enough info to give a price right now. After talking to you and putting the Playbook together, we’ll be able to address that.
  • Don’t answer questions about what services they should have. That’s what we’re finding out today, next time I’ll tell you exactl what services you need.
  • Don’t agree to send the Playbook via email.
  • Don’t let them steer you away from the two-step process. This is the initial disocvery call, next call will be the Playbook with recommendations, services, pricing.
  • You should do about 10% of the talking. Ask questions, listen, let them feel you understand.


This will make it seem like you haven’t done homework or know what you’re talking about.

  • What’s your company name?
  • What do you do?
  • What colors do you like?
  • How many pages do you want?
  • What websites do you like?

“First off, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to talk with me today. Today is about an opportunity for me to learn about your business, your vision, your goals, and to see whether we can help you, but also to see if I think you’re a good fit for us.

So I’m going to ask you a few questions and let you tell me a about yourself so that, if we’re a fit, I can go back and put together some recommendations to help you get where you want your business to be.

Now, I did do a little bit of research online, [list findings].

But a lot of times people are coming to us because what’s online isn’t doing the best job of communicating who they are. So I’d like to take some time today to ask you some questions to make sure I’ve got a really good understanding for what you’ve got going on so I can write the best recommendations possible.

So maybe we can start with you giving me a little background about your business. How long you’ve been in business, how you got started and what you’re looking to do.”

Put answers in appropriate boxes as they talk. Use boxes as guidelines if their conversation hasn’t already answered.

Are they competency-based or sincerity-based?

  • If competency, start out talking about people we’ve worked with they might know or how confident we are in working with them because [reasons].

    “As you may know, we’ve worked with…” or “Last year we helped a client increase their revenue by six figures, over $200,000, and we’d like to do that with some more clients.”

  • If sincerity, ask a few personal questions.

    “We like to get to know the people we’re working with, so before you tell me about your business, tell me a bit about yourself.”

“The purpose of today’s meeting is:

  • To get a clear understanding of your goals.
  • To determine whether we can help you.
  • To see if you’re a good fit for us.
  • To recommend solutions based on your needs.
  • To make sure you have a clear understanding of why we’ll recommend the things we do.

Demonstrate that you’ve done some homework by giving them a sense you know a bit about what they’ve got going on. 

“I know that you guys [provide X service, any other general business info]. [Mention any awards, achievements, successes, big name clients of theirs.]”

“Obviously I looked you guys up online and know a bit, but oftentimes the number one reason people contact us is because what’s online right now isn’t doing the best job of telling your story. So I don’t want to assume anything I’ve read out there is what you’ve got going on, so maybe we can start with you sharing a little bit about your business and what you want people to understand about it.”

NOTE: Maintain Control

You are the professional. They are coming to you for help.
Don’t skip steps.
Lose control, lose the sale.
Pay attention to red flags. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t think you’re a fit.

Initial Discussion

Client Name
Services Requested
Wants to Improve
General business information, company name, how long they’ve been in business, how many customers, etc.
How are you getting business right now? What digital and traditional marketing methods are you currently involved with?
What services or products do you offer? Are any more important than others? Which ones have the best margins? Do you find more joy in any of them? Do you plan to add any in the future? Who does the work?
What search terms should a prospective client or customer type into Google to find your business?
Who do you serve? What is their age? What is their location? What are their interests? What is their lifestyle, etc.?
Who else do your prospects consider? Why do they consider them? What are your brief thoughts on their business?
Why should a prospect choose you over your competitor? What is your unique selling point? What makes you different or better?
What is the purpose of your website: to inform, to sell, to capture leads? What do you want it to do for you?
Are there any specific pages your website should have besides the homepage and contact? Services, staff or team, etc.?
is there any specific functionality your website should have? Blog, online payment, member pages, scheduling/booking, etc.?
When would you like to have everything up and running? Any particular events to have it ready for? Different parts in stages?
Why does this matter to you? What’s the real end goal? What does success look like? How will that improve your life?
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Recap their motivation:

“So if we can help you [accomplish vision], you’ll be able to [how it benefits their life]. That’s great, that’s really terrific.”

ENDING: Validate that they’re in the right place.

“So listen, I’m glad you reached out because you are totally in the right place. This is exactly what you need right now, and based on some information I’ve found, you’re going to see why right now is a great time for you to be talking to me.”

“You’ve given me all I need to go back and research your company online. Based on what I find, I’m going to assess you in several areas so I’ll know exactly what you need to do to get more customer activity. Then I’ll walk you through our process of how we’ll get you there ad give you the summary of investment which will help you understand what it’s going to take to make this happen, then we can engage in services. That’s if you want our help. Regardless of that the assessment is going to give you all you all the information you need, so if you wanted you could take it to somebody else or have your team work on it, but I’ll be sharing with you how we can help you with that.”

Schedule 2-3 days out or next week. Make sure it’s a one hour meeting. Make sure they’re in front of the computer as you’ll be sharing your screen. Don’t let them off the phone without going ahead and nailing down a scheduled meeting.