OperationPrettyThings.com Redesign


Operation Pretty Things is a non-profit organization that helps empower women who are victims of domestic violence.  Their original website was a simple blog on WordPress.com, but they knew they needed something more professional and presentable.  We consulted with them and came up with a design, launching it by Valentine’s Day of 2012, which was a very active time for them.

The board was a little uneasy with having moved away from what they saw as core branding (added color in the header area), so modifications were made to the design to make the header background a simple flat white.  They were very happy with the change.  A few other minor modifications were made to the tabs at the bottom of the homepage.

While the site is mostly informational it does feature slider images and informational tabs on the homepage, a blog and an online donation page.  We were able to capture all the blog posts previously made on the WordPress.com site.  The donation form gives people the option to make a one-time donation or to give monthly.

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