Native Fox Logo Design

We have created a new logo for Native Fox, purveyor of vintage-inspired bohemian fashions. The initial inspiration we were given was a southwest feel with Native American geometric shapes and colors. To that end, our original idea was to incorporate a fox skull to tie in the fox theme with a recognizable southwestern image; a cattle skull. For the native aspect we added a dreamcatcher behind the skull and played around with a number of fonts inspired by Native American imagery or the Old West.

While this was kind of cool, the client had another inspiration while we were in the process of critiquing the mockups and decided she wanted something a bit simpler. Between her inspiration and our artistic know-how we came up with a simple bit of line art calling to mind a fox head. After trying a few different angles for the ears and the face, we came up with the finalized image you see above, which will go nicely with the website’s design.

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