Check out HALF United on News 14


Nextwave clients HALF United were on News 14 to discuss what their business is all about.  Here’s an excerpt:

The most popular product made by Wilmington’s Half United is a necklace that holds three bullet casings.

“We take three bullets and we stack them together and the middle bullet is painted with car paint and it’s all hand-done here in Wilmington,” said Christian Black, of Half United.

The necklace is designed to look good and be interesting but also to say something.

“These three bullet shells represent the fight against global hunger,” Carmin Black, of Half United, said.

“It’s a bold statement. It’s a bullet that usually represents fighting in a, in a negative sense,” said Christian Black.

You can read the rest of the story and watch the video of the news story here.  (Keep an ear out for music by Rio Bravo, too.  Christian is the drummer for the up-and-coming band.)  And don’t forget to visit HALF’s website to pick up your gear and do your part while you’re at it.

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